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Years of Experience Make a Difference in Your Career?
By Jina Morris

How many years of experience does anyone need to build his career future? How many years does it require to be qualified for any position? Is there any standard years of experience required for each vacancy?

Simply, there is no estimated number of years letting you show your experience or qualification to take over a position. It’s not about the years of experience; it’s all about your ambitious, your willingness to learn new things, your future vision, your strong desire to insert rich positions in your CV; IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU.

The years of experience won’t make you qualified to do a great job unless you have ambitious that makes you different from others. Always ask yourself – why your employer should keep working with you?

To be qualified, you should:

  • Have well knowledge relevant to your work field.
  • Gain certain skills related to the job you are about to do.
  • Keep yourself updated with the technological advancement and information.
  • Stick to a good personal attitude characterizing your strength points.
  • Do your job in time noticing the quality before the quantity.
  • Set up a good plan for your career future.
  • Use a checklist for evaluating yourself, your employer, etc.
  • Organize your time in order to avoid wasting it with catching email threads for instance.
  • Create daily to-do-list to schedule your work properly.
  • Take responsibilities with right decisions in the ideal time.

Quality vs. Quantity

Beside skills and ambition, “Quality” is another word you should pay attention to build your expertise. No matter how many years of experience you get, it does matter how many years you work on building your expertise through the quality you provide. That shows the quantities of work pieces you do is not the right factor to build your reputation. Quality is the key!

To be well qualified is akin to having a unique talent with high quality outcomes. Always keep an eye on how to get your employer amazed with your work pieces. Your employer would be happy with your well-done work; but he will surely get impressed once the quality speaks out.

Quality means creativity which requires unique talent and ambitious to start this everlasting journey. Being qualified is not the end result you should seek for; it’s a journey you need to undertake from now on.

Top Today Tip: There is someone somewhere better and faster than you, but this doesn’t mean you should give up. Vice versa! This means a good challenge to get the permission to be QUALIFIED. It’s time to never stop learning new things, gaining more real effective experience, and arming yourself with more weapons to be the best.

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