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Shall You Try to Make Your Current Job Works?
By Jina Morris

If you feel dissatisfied with your current job, will you leave or search for ways to make it works? His question is frequently asked by most of us. In a stage, we get bored of what we are working no matter the reasons are.

This article will help you find a way to make your current job works as much as you can. Here are the steps to follow:

1) Determine the reasons of being increasingly unhappy about your job. Ask yourself what you dislike about your daily routine, the problem you face, the difficult of your duties, the surrounding atmosphere, etc. In other word, make analysis for everything around your job.

2) Talk to your personnel representative who is responsible for listening to staff’s problems. Or you can talk to your boss to find out new things to do in order to change the routine in your working day.

3) Take responsibilities of creating genius ideas for making your working easier. This step won’t work if you feel overworked on your job. Try to see what’s good about your job to improve it. On the other hand, don’t plan on doing too much.

4) Give your day a target to achieve, write to do list, start with the difficult tasks, follow your energy, give the unpleasant feeling away, mark “Yes” beside each task done, and finally you will feel relieved once all is done.

5) As you write “To-Do List”, it’s time to create “To-Don’t List”. Avoid multitasking, don’t push yourself to do what you dislike, don’t let others ruin your working day and stop them to interrupt you, and so on.

Today Top Tip: If you don’t want to try to see the positive side of your current job, don’t waste your time and energy and search for a good suitable job. It’s your life; live it to the best.

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