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Be Productive and Work Smart
By Jina Morris

There are many tips and tricks you can find online. Not all of them can work for you; but some of them may be useful for you. It is great to read as much articles as you can to get what you can benefit from. Nothing to lose when you surf the net and read more and more.

What you will read here is somehow different from other sources. We are here because we are alike. We are not aiming to attract you as a reader, but most importantly is to give you the best advice in the right time.


Simply, all you have to do is to organize your work the way YOU like. No need to imitate others' to-do-list. Do not use any technology as it is. It is okay to get some help from online sources, but do not depend on them totally. You have to create your own to-do-list relying on your work style.

You are the only person who knows well your priorities, duties, the way to accomplish the tasks, etc. That is, the key to organize your work is YOU. Time management is your way to cut stress and save your time and energy. Keep your calendar close, besides to-do lists, work plans and progress strategy.

While you are walking on your success way, you will go through so many ups and downs. Never stop! Always learn from your mistakes and try not to do it again.


To work smart, does not mean to work hard. One of your essential duties is to give your brain a break from time to time. Do not put yourself into a never-ending cycle of duties and tasks. Your brain and body need some breaks to re-energize and work properly. It will help you to refresh your mind and reset your attention span.

After all, time to evaluate your methods and make light comparisons with others' ways. This step will help you improve your professional trend.

Today Top Tip: As a professional wise – check your mail first and then start writing down your day tasks.

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