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Jobseeker : To-Do List
By Jina Morris

Want to move to the top of the applicant list? Here is a simple list to do:

1.       Believe in your abilities and identify your skills well.

    Q1: Do you need to improve your current skills? Or you need to gain more new ones?

2.       Do not give up on your career goals.

    Q2: Are your skills a good match to your goals?

3.       Avoid inappropriate sayings or clothing in interviews.

4.       Show that you are focused on finding a good opportunity.

5.       Make up your mind and bring all necessary docs or certificates you have.

6.       Be in time, not even on time.

7.       Be careful while using your body language. Eye contact is paramount.

8.       Be honest to let others use your skills in a professional way.

9.       Show your interest and enthusiasm to the potential employer.

10.   Never stop at your point. Gain more experience and skills everywhere you go.

11.   Use social media in a good way.


The question now is: Do people understand social media well? Social media networks is not a place to meet friends only; you can build your resume via these channels. Facebook & LinkedIn are the top. With those channels, you can meet your next manager or teamwork.

Here is how to build a professional profile:

1.       Build strong relationships with your connections via social media.

2.       Start showing your abilities, talents, experience, etc.

3.       Don't forget to interact with your connections and share with them your experience.

4.       On the other hand, get benefits from others' experiments.

Today Top Tip: Never refuse an interview. Go, discover what's new in the job world, find out what employers think about and which kind of questions they ask, meet new minds and finally see the results.


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