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Awful Interviews
By Jina Morris

When you receive an interview invitation, what are the first things come to your mind? Actually, most job seekers turn their anxiety and enthusiasm into negative thoughts about how awful interviews are and what silly questions they may face.

One word can change the whole situation. One word can push you to the right direction. It’s all about “Your Attitude”.

Some of you may feel that the key lies in our mindset, others may see HR Manager as the door to win or lose any opportunity. Well, let’s go through an exciting idiom called “The Psychology of Interviews” to know the secret key of successful interview.

The mind management process is the leading chief to go through any situation no matter what it is. With your mind, you can gain confidence, achieve success, create happiness, play with positive brainwork, and so much more.

The psychology of interview shows that the results you get is from your expectations; in other words your predictions. The way you think and feel about interviews will lead your journey by determining how you will behave and how you will perform.

Does that mean HR department has no roles to lead the interviews to the best or to the worst? Vice versa! Let’s conclude this point into one important phrase to keep in mind “no matter the interviewer’s behavior is and no matter how embarrassing the questions are, you are the leader.

Think about it; what will you lose if you go to an interview and they refuse your experience. Contrarily, you will gain a lot for instance:

  1. You will learn how to deal with different mind of styles.
  2. You will rate your experience and measure your skills scale. So that, you will find out the sides you should develop for a better future career.
  3. You will discover other new skills you might need to acquire.

Don’t let anything disappoint you. Don’t let any negative attitude affect your career future. Just calm your nerve and start think out of the box.

Here are some worst things that might happen at interviews; just to prepare yourself in case it happens:

  1. Questions out of your practical life. In other words, personal questions that may get you embarrassed. In this case, try to answer diplomatically without saying a specific piece of info.
  2. Waiting long time till the interview starts. Unfortunately, some recruiters use this way as a simple test to see how your reactions will be. In this case, it depends on how long you may wait. If it’s too long, leave the place and express how bad their attitude is. If not, just wait and see.
  3. Non familiar with your experience or skills as they start checking your CV in front of you. In this case, no need to express any anger. Just let them act unprofessionally. Show them professionalism and maturity.
  4. Dealing with you superior. In this case, show your experience and skills so well to let them know that they will get benefits from your experience.
  5. Get you nervous to test your capability of working under pressure. Don’t put this phrase into your dictionary. There is no such a thing as working under pressure. Working with pressure is not a suitable work for you. If you work what you love, there will be no pressure at all.

Top Today Tip: You deserve to work what you love, stay in a comfortable work environment, create good relationships with colleagues and heads & get appreciation from your boss. It’s you who will make it happen. Believe in yourself!

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