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What Most People Want in a Job!
By Jina Morris


Is there a place you totally feel comfortable and have a strong determination to be the best employee ever? Most people start their practical life with more enthusiasm to gain more experience, put in more effort to prove themselves, invest their time for all good aspects, and much more. In fact, some of them neglect an important side of this life which is “How to be yourself”.

Quieting your anxiety is the best step when it comes to build your career future. Just believe that you can do anything you want; anytime you wish; anywhere you go. There is no impossible. Only the brain who can create the situation to be better or worse. Just train your brain to get benefits from the best, learn from the mistakes, and most importantly transfer the bad situation into a good lesson in life.

Life will go on no matter who you are and what you are doing. Studies prove that employees never get satisfied all the way, on the other hand not all employers give appreciation to their teamwork easily. What a difficult formula to apply in this life! 

If you are an employee, never be in a place you get nothing from. If you are working in a company that gets all benefits from your experience without giving value to your CV, you have to think about the reasons you stay there.

Researchers conclude the most things people want in a job as follow:

- A healthy work place improving their innovation skills.

- Meaningful work which gives them weapons to win.

- Proper appreciation that enables them to love their work.

- Chances to learn new things wherein they can build their experience pyramid easily.

- Feel accomplished is the right push to be happy in your work place.

- To be a part of the company, not just an employee who works specific working hours.

- Reasonability in accordance with your experience and career level.

- Well understanding which qualifies you to transfer the info in a clear good way.

- Limitless communication to move freely.

- A transparency ladder allowing you to check your current stage.

- That is, motivation comes next to look forward for the next career level for you.

Unfortunately, some good qualified employees get bored in their work place because of missing one or more of the above points.

The best advice here:

  • Accept your failure. Failing is a good healthy step to take seriously. Without failing, you will learn nothing. You are a normal person if you make a mistake, but you will be extinguished if you don’t make the same mistake twice.
  • Make it happen. You are the only person who can determine the goals of your life and the best way to achieve them. Time is the best part here when it comes to make your dreams a reality.
  • Exclude your emotion. Don’t love your job more than yourself. The employers make tons of money using your effort and energy without paying attention to your needs. That is, never work in a place you gain nothing from. If you feel uncomfortable, search for another job that fits you well.

Top Today Tip: Run after your passion and make your money even if you are out of work. You can be creative just by using a laptop and internet. There is always a place for you. Search around!

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