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The Skeleton Keys to Time Management
By Jina Morris

If you are searching for a way to boost your productivity, this article will give you the keys for a successful time management process. Let us stop wondering how those people do everything in a very tight time! Let's discover how to accomplish lots of work with no waste of time or energy!

A strong time management plan should include energy management, stress management, and other important management tools. And to get the best result while performing your work, it's better to start believing that there is a surely way for improvement.

Here are some time management skills giving you the ability to improve your performance, manage your energy and most importantly give you the space for yourself to live a better life:

1. Learn the art of choosing the right tasks relating to your responsibilities. Sometimes you feel stressed and burnout due to the overwhelming tasks around you. Always clean your work circle and only focus on tasks serving your career.

2. What if you got stressed? No worries. All you have to do is to train yourself well on how to deal with stress. Even stress has management tools. In this case, just free your mind a little bit and start thinking out of the box. Give yourself the time to calm yourself and then go back to work once more.

3. Reference to the first point, the best skill you should acquire is to prioritize your work. Before starting your work day, pay attention to tasks you are going to do and never forget that during the day new tasks will be added up to your list.

4. After enlisting your tasks, time to schedule each task enabling you to plan your day in a very effective way.

5. Put realistic deadlines without putting the word "rush up" into your dictionary. Keep in mind that what you are doing today slowly will be done faster tomorrow. Gaining experience just takes some time. Sounds good! 

6. Sort your tasks. In other words, categorize your day's tasks so that you will put each task in the right category. That will ease your plan process since each category should indicate specific timeframe, deadline, priority level, and so on.

7. Keep yourself away from procrastination which affect negatively on your time management plan, and thus your performance and productivity.

8. Select the most suitable method of time management which you feel comfortable while using. Some people prefer using a paper and a pen, others like the computerized list.

9. Reward yourself if you are done with your tasks earlier. But that doesn't mean you don't care about quality. Always keep in mind that quality comes before quantity.

10. Working in a healthy environment with a good teamwork you like to deal with. Your team is a critical factor of success. It's important to cooperate together to finalize the tasks with a very high quality.

Today Top Tip: It is not an appropriate way to think that finishing the small tasks first will give you the time to focus on big ones. Vice versa! While managing your time, focus on which task will serve the next one.

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