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The Resume Agenda
By Jina Morris


It’s insane to believe those who promise you to write a professional resume that will get you hired in a minute. You don’t need such fraud online services which aim only to get your money. In fact, some of these services can build you a good resume however you can do it yourself!

Simply, writing a resume only needs simplicity with pointed information. Try to focus on information that any recruiters search for. The most dynamic resume is the one which recruiter can easily find the info he is looking for.

Here are the most important points any resume should include:

  1. Personal Info such as: Date of birth, contact info, and address.
  2. Education Info such as: Certificate, college, faculty, major, and graduation year.
  3. Professional Info including all your previous experience showing the job description for each position.
  4. Attach any certificate or experience letters you have.
  5. After all, it’s optional to add the references.


So if you are going to create your resume for the time being, all you need to do is to grab your experience, gather all required info, and give a professional impress with the help of the following tips:


Surf the net. Yes, you can Google it to see more styles for different shapes of resumes. Throwing an eye on others’ resume will get you some more unique ideas for your CV. And keep in mind that each resume has its special openings. Some people prefer to show their professional info first, others may shine their education. Just see what’s best for your situation and choose the best resume type.


Make it pointed. As we said before, your resume should be easy to read, accessible to find what exactly any recruiter needs, and effortless to absorb your work history. The best advice here is to write with simple clear font, not too big or too small. Choose the size which suits the chosen font.


Keep it updated. Recruiters know nothing about you; they only know who you are from your resume. So, you have to keep it up-to-date with rich information. Bear in mind, your resume represents you. It speaks about you; letting recruiters know what you want to tell.


Get original. There are tons of traditional resumes around the internet. Just ask yourself “what makes you different?”, “why recruiters should hire you?”. Honestly, if your resume shows creativity, recruiters will think over and over to choose you as a special candidate for the required position.


Audit your resume. It’s not professional to send a resume with grammar or spelling errors. If you do that, you will leave bad impression as you seem inattentive to details. Recruiters always search for the organized, pointed, well-qualified applicant who pay more attention to the small details which reflects the professionalism mirror in his career line.


Give it a chance. Building a good resume doesn’t mean to send it to any applied vacancy. It does mean to spread it around to let the recruiters know who you are and how they get benefits from your experience. So that, you have to upload your resume to different job portal services which may help you find your best employer ever.



Top Today Tip: Only you can help yourself to sell your experience and skills in your workplace. Only you who knows what to boost first and which information is rich enough to be inserted in your resume. Just search around and see what matches your style. Give it a little extra attention!


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