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How to Sell Yourself in Your Workplace?
By Jina Morris

Unless you are actually not a salesman, the most common concept of selling an item is to let people know its specifications, advantages, what differs this item from others, why they should buy this item, its reasonable cost, how it gives more value to their life, and so on.

What if you want to sell an unknown product? Will you take another track to let your audience know more about it?

Simply, let it be popular!

Many people are selling products or items but they get shocked easily after a while since their profits become stable and sometimes get down rapidly. Those people are truly missing the right direction to increase their profits. They don’t even understand how to boost their visibility in the market. If they put themselves on customers’ shoes, they would have recognized that the shortest way to sell an item is to show the audience the way to get it.

Let’s apply this idea in the workplace!

Same story occurs over and over. People, especially the freelancers, are seeking to gain more experience through their practical life without paying attention to the way they should follow to splash this experience.

WHAT IS UNKNOWN TO PEOPLE IS WORTHLESS. Just think about it – how recruiters will hire you if your work doesn’t speak for you!

The surprise here is that most of successful businessmen, if not all, gain much more income without putting much effort. All they do is to be a part of the show. They raise their visibility in the market by choosing the best techniques to sell themselves all over the target market.

Here is the expert advice for selling yourself in the workplace:

1) Give your work pieces a space to show up.

2) Let people know who you are and what you are actually doing.

3) Communicate with people who are interested in your services.

4) Seek to upgrade your reputation.

5) Keep quantifying your achievements.

6) Spend some time to evaluate yourself, know your current scale so that you will be able to enhance your performance.

Always keep in mind that no one is perfect, even you, but seeking perfectionism is so healthy for your career future. Just make sure to shine your strength points which make you so distinguished unlike other lazy workers.

Top Today Tip: No matter how hard you work, shining your qualifications is the key to let recruiters/employers know more about you and most importantly you won’t get them tired of finding you. Good luck!

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