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Career Offer: Is It Good for You or Not?
By Jina Morris

How do you know whether the career offer is a good opportunity for you or not? There are some important factors you should pay attention to, such as:

1. Ask yourself whether this offer is your dream job or not.

2. Will the employer invest in you?

3. Will your skills be improved or become more valuable?

4. Focus on your position title and your direct manager.

5. Know your rights, vacation, awards, etc.

6. Be aware of your gross and net salary.

7. Make a list of your monthly expenses, transportation, etc.

8. Make sure of your rights for instance: call allowance, social insurance, and others.

9. Identify your short- and long-term career goals

10. Finally, write your career action plan to reach your goals by following some specific steps.

 Today Top Tip: Before going to any interview, surf the net and click on the company's website to know more about it.

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