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لماذا نبحث دائماً عن الأصعب؟
لا تجعل الاخرين يشكلون حياتك فأنت الوحيد صاحب القرار فأنت من يقوم بتلوين حياته بالطريقة المناسبة والمرضية له. الرضا هو اساس النجاح والعزيمة هو السلاح المطلوب.
How to Achieve Your Targets
There are lots of articles online aiming to guide you on the way of achieving your targets. This article is a little bit difference since it has points that you may not find elsewhere. Check it out!
Be Different with E-Learning
In this article, there are so many pieces of information about E-Learning such as its meaning, why some people don't like it, what are its benefits, and others.
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