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A Message to Candidates
By Jina Morris

After any interview, so many of candidates wait the employer to say yes or no. Why is that? Why most of us don’t pay attention to the rights of saying NO!

Before applying for any job, make a study of each company you are going to send your resume to. The first thing you should do is to figure out how they work, their vision, clients, projects, the board of directories, etc. Taking a look at their website is a must. Some employers have no website; then search for their social media networks.

Another tip is to put into consideration how many times they change their employees. It’s not good to submit your resume to a company which posts the same job ad once a month. This is not an opportunity for you.

Now, let’s practice how to say NO!

  1. Say no to the job you are not looking for. If you are not an accountant and you have no job, never accept this position since you won’t add values to your experience either to yourself.
  2. Say no to the field/industry that doesn’t suit you. Some people prefer to change their career just to gain more money. What about your qualifications!
  3. Say no to the company that provides offers don’t suit you. You have to set your boundaries. Work can’t exist without boundaries. Think of rules and principles you follow in your work and if you have difficulties saying no to whatever bothers you, it’s your responsibilities to speak up.

On the other hand, recruiter has all the rights to give you the feedback after interview. No matter this feedback is, you have to get benefits of their comments. No one is perfect, but the smartest is the one who turns his downs into ups leaving good impression.

Finally, both candidates and recruiters have good and bad points. Both of them can’t survive in the market without helping each other.

Top Today Tip: Don’t waste your time or energy in a job you don’t want. Opportunities come each time you search for it.

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